Effective and efficient business processes are necessary to sustain the profitability of a company on the market. This applies to supply chain processes, to market processes and to support business processes. Despite its relevance to the overall success of the business, the slow performance of the method still remains undiscovered, whether due to inherent complexity or lack of supporting analytical resources.

Key issues to be addressed in this context often begin to define which processes or sub-processes are actually most relevant to overall business performance, how to identify and assess gaps best, how to close gaps effectively and efficiently, and how to prioritize a number of relevant options within the constraint of generally limited resources.

Possible concrete topics include:

  • Demand Forecast Improvement

  • Process Compatibility Assessment

  • Procurement Process Optimization

  • Manufacturing Process Optimization

  • Sales Process Optimization

  • Centralization of Transactional Processes

  • Transferring Production Processes

We collaborate with our clients to conduct a systematic process analysis, to perform macro and quantitative modeling, and to analyze the related KPIs. Quality and bottleneck gaps are established and prioritized. As a final result, strategies for action and specific action plans are being created for implementation.


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